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Gtk2Hs Tutorials

Introductory tutorial
This tutorial gives an introducion to the basics of Gtk+ and Gtk2Hs.

There is another nice and extensive tutorial at

Note that this tutorial is not completely up to date. For example, it uses the deprecated Events module and to run some examples with gtk 0.10.1, it is necessary to include "import Graphics.UI.Gtk.Gdk.Events" in the program.

Threaded GUI tutorial

A simple GUI that shows the time since program start.

DrawingArea tutorial
(not written yet)
TreeView tutorial

A simple example how to show a list and select an entry from it.

Using cairo with Gtk2Hs
(not written yet)
Creating custom widgets
(not written yet)
GConf tutorial
(not written yet)
Using OpenGL with Gtk2Hs
(not written yet)