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What we're working on!

Please feel free to describe your current project here!


cabal-install! HackageDB!

Hackers: dcoutts, nominolo, lennart, bringert

Allegro for Haskell

Popular game programming library, originally in C

Hackers: mahogny

Haskell Web Application Interface (WAI)

The Haskell Web Application Interface (WAI) [1] is an effort to standardize the interface between web servers and Haskell web applications or frameworks, to promote web application portability across a variety of web servers. It borrows heavily from Python's successful WSGI [2] standard, which serves the same purpose, and recent interest in writing web applications in Haskell.

  1. http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/WebApplicationInterface
  2. http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0333/

Hackers: tibbe


A new release for Data.ByteString

Hackers: dons


A strongly typed DSEL for producing SQL using associated type synonyms


Hackers: Heffalump


Haskell Server Pages - an extension of Haskell for writing dynamic web pages.

Lemmih and nibro have whipped up a HAppS bidning to serve Haskell Server Pages dynamically:


Several additions have been made, in particular to the core server-side functionality. We have introduced a monad transformer, HSPT, which allows us to reuse all the cool HSP functionality with other monads than the standard HSP one (which is now HSPT IO). In particular this allows us to reuse the literal XML generation for EDSLs built on top of HSP, without having to redefine all the heavy XML-generating machinery.

nibro has been working on XHTML-specific generation combinators. Types have been greatly simplified, much thanks to good ideas from Heffalump.

Lemmih has been working on bindings for jQuery for client-side code generation, which will likely use the new cool HSPT stuff.

Hackers: nibro, Lemmih


A package for doing restricted monads in a clean way with associated types.

http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/rmonad-0.1 http://code.haskell.org/rmonad

Hackers: Heffalump


  • GHC API integration
  • Better User interfaces
  • Grease and Polish

Hackers: jyp, krasimir, grd, leather

Generic Information

You can apply for an account and a project using the community server. You can also apply for a project.

Once you have an account and a project, you upload a Darcs repository as follows. First, initialize your repository on the server:

 $ ssh community.haskell.org
 you@haskell:~$ cd /srv/code/yourproject
 you@haskell:/srv/code/yourproject$ darcs init

Then, log out and push your repository:

 $ darcs push community.haskell.org:/srv/code/yourproject

Who knows about what

A list of projects you've worked on or know fairly well:

Name Projects
dons ByteString, xmonad, Data.Binary, lambdabot, hmp3, curses, QuickCheck, HPC, hs-plugins, yi, nobench/nofib, ghc
Binkley ghc, darcs (a little bit)
skogsbaer (Stefan Wehr) hscurses, rhaskell
Pepe ghc (front end mostly), ghci debugger, cabal-install (very little)
ivant Functional MetaPost, xmonad
kolmodin (Lennart Kolmodin) Data.Binary, Gentoo Linux, Haste, hackport (hackage for Gentoo), hinotify, dbus-haskell
Heffalump (Ganesh Sittampalam) darcs patch theory
beschmi (Benedikt Schmidt) shim (emacs+ghc-api), darcs, xmonad
conal (Conal Elliott) functional reactive programming, DataDriven evaluation, tangible functional programming, graphics, embedded compilers, applicative functors, wxHaskell
jyp (Jean-Philippe Bernardy) yi, collections framework
dcoutts (Duncan Coutts) Cabal (including cabal-install and hackage), ByteString (and some related libs: binary, zlib, bzlib, iconv), Gtk2Hs, c2hs
kr.angelov (Krasimir Angelov) Cabal, GHC API, Visual Haskell, HDirect, hscom, HSQL
andyjgill (Andy Gill) Hpc, QuickCheck
tibbe (Johan Tibell) Resumable applicative parsers, web applications, web servers
nibro (Niklas Broberg) Haskell Server Pages
waern (David Waern) Haddock, Cabal, GHC (front end)
Lemmih (David Himmelstrup) HAppS, jhc, Cabal, last version of HSP
mahogny (Johan Henriksson) FFI, (c2hs)