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History of Haskell

SIGPLAN conference on History of programming ...

[PDF] Turning an interactive tool implemented in Haskell into a web ..


O gluma cam neagra: PDF Haskell Cemetery: A Symbol for Healing and Growth The history of Haskell Cemetery is covered in detail by Miller. (1980). Miller (1980) elaborately describes a system of neglect that resulted in ...

Yet an other Haskell Tutorial (JP)


Comparatie C++ vs Haskell

CNC using Haskell

WW machine

CNC Programming

Categ Theory

Categ Manifesto

Heat — An Interactive Development Environment for Learning .... and works on top of the Haskell interpreter Hugs. Heat has been used in .... The new PDF Picture library is independent of Heat but also works well together with it. .... History and Acknowledgements. I thank all the developers of Heat. PDF

Don's Papers - Thanx Don for all you had done for us !

Plugging Haskell In. André Pang, Don Stewart, Sean Seefried, and Manuel M. T. Chakravarty. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Haskell, pages 10-21. ACM Press, 2004 .pdf

Nario - nu Mario in Haskell

PPT in PDF si similare pina pe la 23.pdf 07.pdf lipseste

Real world Haskell

WASH - Haskell for WWW

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