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  • HBC and LML 0.997.1. Lennart Augustsson announced a new version of hbc/lml.The Haskell B. compiler (hbc) has been upgraded to Haskell 1.1.

  • Haskell libraries. Simon Peyton Jones announced an open public repository of Haskell libraries


  • Gofer version 2.21. Mark Jones announced Gofer version 2.21. Including experimental support for c*p and p+k patterns.

  • Journal of Functional Programming. Paul Hudak announced the JFP was in to its second year.


  • Functional programming tool by UK NIFTP. Will Partain announced a list of the functional programming tools avail by UK NIFTP, including:

    • Gofer 2.20
    • GHC 0.41
    • LML/HBC 0.99.3

  • Yale Haskell Y1.2. John Peterson announced the release of Yale Haskell Y1.2. More information


  • The Haskell Report Version 1.1. John Peterson announced that the Haskell Report Version 1.1, is released. And here

  • Gofer 2.20. Mark Jones announced the first release of Gofer, an interpreter supporting a language based on the draft report for Haskell version 1.1. More information


  • Yale Haskell 1.1. John Peterson announced Yale Haskell 1.1

  • Mkhprog - a Haskell command line parser generator. Nick North announced Mkhprog - a Haskell command line parser generator


  • Haskell Status. Philip Wadler announced a short report on the status of Glasgow Haskell. A prototype GHC is available to "brave bug-resistant souls who are desperate to run Haskell".


  • Remaining issues for the Haskell report. Simon Peyton Jones announced a summary of remaining points for the revised Haskell report

  • Beta Release of Yale Haskell. The Yale Haskell Group announced the beta release of Yale Haskell, an optimizing compiler for Haskell that is (mostly) compliant with Haskell 1.0

  • Prototype GHC runs nfib. Kevin Hammond announced that the prototype GHC can compile nfib, and computes 29229 nfib/s.

  • A revised report. Simon Peyton Jones announced a revision of the Haskell report is underway


  • Sets and maps in Haskell available. Nick North announced that a library for finite maps and sets in Haskell is available

  • NHC starts working (Rojemo)