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  • GHC snapshots for i386-*-{linuxaout,solaris2}. Will Partain announced GHC snapshots for i386-*-{linuxaout,solaris2}

  • Haskell 1.3. John Peterson announced the plan for Haskell 1.3

  • GHC 0.26. Simon L Peyton Jones announced GHC 0.26

  • New release of Fudgets available. Thomas Hallgren announced a new release of Fudgets. The Fudget library is a toolkit for concurrent programming of graphical user interfaces, client/servers and more in Haskell.

  • Notes on Functional Programming With Gofer. H. Conrad Cunningham announced his "Notes on Functional Programming With Gofer" where available.

  • Haskell 1.3 Draft Report. Kevin Hammond announced the Haskell 1.3 Draft Report

  • GHC 0.25. William D. Partain announced GHC 0.25 (for Linux only).

  • Paul Hudak. Paul Hudak announced the CFP for the first Haskell Workshop

  • Compression in Haskell need not need lots of space. Peter Thiemann announced some code for efficient compression in Haskell.

  • Andy Gill. Andy Gill moves to standardise a set of X graphics libraries for Haskell

  • Records for Haskell 2. Mark P Jones published a proposal for a records system in the next Haskell standard.

  • Haskell vs C. Simon L Peyton Jones announced a survey into performance of Haskell vs C (or other languages)