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  • HaskellDirect. Sigbjorn Finne announced HaskellDirect version 0.12

  • Functional DSP. Matthew Donadio announced Functional DSP, a variety of libraries for DSP in Haskell.

  • Haskell 98. Simon Peyton-Jones ask for a meeting regarding the new standard, Haskell 98, at ICFP.

  • GHC 4.00. Simon Marlow announced GHC 4.00

  • Haskell Mode for Emacs, v1.2. Graeme Moss announced the Haskell Mode for Emacs, v1.2

  • ICFP 1998. Haskell entries come first and second in the 1998 ICFP Programming Contest!

  • gets a revamp. John Peterson announced the new

  • Parallel Haskell. Phil Trinder announced a new mailing list for Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GpH).

  • Some useful Haskell libraries. Arjan van Ijzendoorn announced some useful Haskell libraries

  • GHC 3.02. Simon Marlow announced the GHC 3.02

  • New release of Hugs 1.3. Mark Jones announced the New releas of Hugs 1.3

  • Multi-parameter type classes in GHC 3.01. Simon L Peyton Jones announced the Multi-parameter type classes in GHC 3.01

  • GHC 3.01. Simon Marlow announced GHC 3.01

  • GHC 3.00. Simon Marlow announced GHC 3.00

  • Announcing the final version of Hugs 1.4. Mark Jones announced the final version of Hugs 1.4