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  • Happy 1.9. Simon Marlow announced Happy 1.9


  • HaXml 1.00. Malcolm Wallace announced HaXml 1.00

  • hdirect-0.17. Sigbjorn Finne announced hdirect-0.17


  • "Pan" -- a language and compiler for image synthesis and manipulation. Conal Elliott announced "Pan" -- a language and compiler for image synthesis and manipulation


  • Barr and Wells book on categories/monads online. Hans Aberg announced the Barr and Wells book on categories/monads is available for free, online

  • nhc98 version 1.0. Malcolm Wallace announced nhc98 version 1.0

  • hmake version 2.0. Malcolm Wallace announced hmake version 2.0

  • GHC 4.08.1. Reuben Thomas announced GHC 4.08.1


  • DoCon-2.01. Sergey Mechveliani announced DoCon-2.01, the computer algebra system.

  • HOpenGL 1.00. Sven Panne announced HOpenGL 1.00, a Haskell binding for OpenGL and GLUT

  • HDoc: a "javadoc for Haskell". rmin Groesslinger announced HDoc: a "javadoc for Haskell"


  • Haskell Object Observation Debugger. Andy Gill announced the Haskell Object Observation Debugger, HOOD.

  • hMPI 0.9.0 available. Michael Weber announced hMPI 0.9.0 is available, a Haskell binding for a message passing interface conforming to the MPI 1.1/1.2 standard.

  • Happy version 1.8. Simon Marlow announced Happy version 1.8

  • GHC 4.08. Reuben Thomas announced GHC 4.08


  • EdComb. Wolfram Kahl announced EdComb, a first, simple editor combinator library in Haskell.


  • Gtk+HS 0.7.1. Manuel M. T. Chakravarty announced Gtk+HS 0.7.1, a Haskell binding for the GTK+ GUI toolkit version 0.7.1

  • Functional Graph Library for Haskell. Martin Erwig announced a new version of the Functional Graph Library for Haskell

  • HaSpell release 0.1. Jan de Wit announced HaSpell release 0.1


  • MySQL-HS 0.9. Volker Wysk announced the release of MySQL-HS 0.9

  • nhc98-1.0pre17 rpms. Jos� Romildo Malaquias announced that he has bundled some nhc98-1.0pre17 rpms

  • HOpenGL 0.99. Sven Panne announced HOpenGL 0.99

  • C->Haskell version 0.7.5 . Manuel Chakravarty announced C->Haskell version 0.7.5


  • New Release of Classic Hugs98. Andy Gill announced a new release of Classic Hugs98

  • GreenCard 2.01. Sigbjorn Finne announced the GreenCard 2.01

  • Mondrian: an internet scripting language. Arjan van IJzendoorn announced the release of Mondrian: an internet scripting language

  • Haskore. Paul Hudak announced a new release of Haskore