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  • Monads in other languages. A very interesting thread covering availability of monads for other programming languages.
  • Haskell in higher education. John Hughes posted a survey aimed at those teaching Haskell in higher education.
  • GHC 6.6 progress. Jim Apple mentioned the wiki page on GHC 6.6.
  • GHC targetting Java. John Goerzen asked about the apparent support for a Java target in the GHC source tree. Simon Peyton-Jones noted that it is no longer supported.


  • hmp3. Don Stewart announced hmp3, an ncurses-based music player written in Haskell.
  • Frag. Mon Hon Cheong announced Frag, a first-person shooter written in Haskell using HOpenGL. Several comments were posted offering thanks and seeking more information. Screenshots are also available.
  • Haskell Communities & Activities Report. The November 2005 editition of this report is now available.
  • Haskell Server Pages 0.4.0. The latest release of HASP is now available, featuring a new bytecode generator and less of a need for many other add-on packages.
  • Blobs diagram editor. The first release of Blobs was announced this week. It is based on earlier work that has been shown at some Haskell conferences.


  • York Haskell Compiler. Thomas Davie announced the York Haskell Compiler project, which already has working code. Quite a few people chimed in with questions.


  • Haskell-mode 2.1. Stefan Monnier recently released version 2.1 of his haskell editing mode for Emacs.
  • Gtk2hs 0.9.10. Duncan Coutts announced that the latest version of the GTK bindings for Haskell is now available. Major new features include the Cairo vector graphics library bindings, Pango text layout code, new Gtk+ 2.8 APIs, and a Windows installer.
  • Frown 0.6. Ralf Hinze announced the first release of Frown, a LALR(k) parser generator for Haskell. Frown has a number of interesting features and is considered beta-quality at this time.
  • network-alt 0.3 and hsgnutls 0.2.1. Einar Karttunen announced the availability of new versions of these two libraries. network-alt is an alternative networking library designed to have a nicer API and better performance. hsgnutls is a TLS/SSL layer atop the GNU TLS library, supporting both client and server applications.


  • Time Library 0.2. Ashley Yakeley announced a draft of a new time library and solicited comments.


  • Decimal arithmetic library. Jeremy Shaw announced the "premature release" of his new Decimal arithmetic library, which is designed for cases where binary floating point is not acceptable, such as money.
  • JRegex. John Meacham announced JRegex, a library that interfaces to both PCRE and Posix regular expressions.
  • Haskell XML Toolbox 5.3. Uwe Schmidt announced version 5.3 of the Haskell XML Toolbox. The main changes in this release are improvements to the arrow system.


  • PAM 1.0. Henning Guenther announced version 1.0 of his bindings to the PAM authentication libary.
  • cpphs 1.0. Malcolm Wallace announced the release of cpphs version 1.0.
  • MissingH 0.12.0. John Goerzen announced MissingH 0.12.0, which added various enhancements to its binary I/O utilities.


  • The Monad.Reader, Issue 5. Shae Matijs Erisson announced the release of the fifth issue of The Monad.Reader, the online magazine devoted to Haskell. Subjects in this issue include a short introduction to Haskell, generating polyominoes, a ray tracer, number parameterized types, practical graph manipulation, and a short introduction to software testing in Haskell. TMR is available online.


  • GHC 6.4.1 for MacOS X. Wolfgang Thaller announced the availability of a binary GHC 6.4.1 package for MacOS X.
  • ghc-api 0.1.0. Lemmih announced ghc-api, a cabalization of the GHC 6.5 API. It is currently used by hIDE.


  • GHC 6.4.1. According to Simon Marlow's announcement, GHC 6.4.1 is out and is mainly a bugfix release. No library APIs have changed, so code working with GHC 6.4 should continue to work.
  • Visual Haskell 0.0. Simon Marlow announced Visual Haskell 0.0, a Haskell development environment for the Microsoft Visual Studio platform.


  • CabalFind 0.1. Dimitry Golubovsky announced CabalFind 0.1, an interface to search engines such as Google and Yahoo designed to help find Cabalized packages out on the Internet.
  • gtk2hs with Cairo. Duncan Coutts announced a special release of gtk2hs as a "tech preview" of the included Cairo bindings. Some impressive screenshots are in there as well.
  • OOHaskell. Ralf Laemmel and Olaf Kiselyov announced a new version of their paper, "Haskell's overlooked object system" and its accompanying library.
  • StringMap. Adrian Hey announced his new module, Data.StringMap, which provides mapes from String keys to arbitrary values.
  • AVL 2.3. Adrian Hey announced version 2.3 of his Data.Tree.AVL library, adding a few new features and a bit of renaming.


  • h4sh 0.2. Don Stewart announced version 0.2 of h4sh, a tool to expose Haskell functions to shell scripters. This release adds more functions, removed argument flags, cabalized the package, added regex operators, and had some other changes as well.
  • cabal-get/put beta. Isaac Jones announced the beta of cabal-get, which will download and install Haskell packages and their dependencies. It is designed to work for any cabal-compatible package. The cabal-get team is looking for beta testers to try out both cabal-get and cabal-put.


  • FUSE bindings. David Roundy announced bindings for FUSE, the Linux library that lets people develop a filesystem using userspace code. Isaac Jones also mentioned Jeremy Bobbio's FUSE bindings.
  • FastPackedString (FPS) packaging. Don Stewart has extracted the FastPackedString module from darcs and produced a standalone package. It is useful for working with binary data and blocks of string data.
  • Haskell Server Pages (HASP). Lemmih announced Haskell Server Pages 0.3, an infrastructure for developing dynamic web sites. It's based around XML and the earlier work on HSP.
  • Cairo bindings for gtk2hs completed. Paolo Martini announced that the Cairo bindings have been checked into the gtk2hs CVS repo on SourceForge.


  • ghc-src 0.2.0. Lemmih announced ghc-src. ghc-src is a Haskell parser with full support for every GHC extension. It is based on the GHC source and is meant as a replacement for haskell-src-exts, though it could of course have other ueses. ghc-src is available via a Darcs repository.
  • Cairo binding. Not a formal release, but great progress is being made on the binding to the Cairo vector graphics toolkit, including some working code.


  • gtk2hs 0.9.9. Axel Simon announced the latest version of this binding to GTK, primarily containing bugfixes.
  • h4sh. Don Stewart announced the new Haskell for shell scripts package. It exposes the Haskell Data.List library for use in shell scripting.
  • c2hs 0.14.3. Manuel M. T. Chakravarty released version 0.14.3 of c2hs. Improvements over 0.14.1 include support for cross-compilation, gcc's asm construct, better support for hierarchical module syntax, and new name translation functions.
  • magic-haskell. John Goerzen announced the availability of magic-haskell, a binding to C's libmagic. With it, you can determine the type of a file by looking at its contents rather than its name.
  • AVL 2.2. Adrian Hey released AVL 2.2. It introduces new set manipulation functions, a new type of zipper, and optimizations for functions that don't modify a tree.


  • Haddock Simon Marlow announced the release of Haddock version 0.7. Highlights of this version include improvements for linking across different packages, bug fixes, collapsable trees in HTML, and support for new output formats.
  • hsgnutls Einar Karttunen has released hsgnutls 0.1, a Haskell binding for the GnuTLS SSL/TLS library.
  • OpenLDAP John Goerzen announced the release of a preliminary, but working, binding to OpenLDAP from Haskell.


  • hsffig, a new FFI binding generator, was announced by Dimitry Golubovsky. Download via its Darcs repository. The main unique feature of hsffig is that it can parse C .h files without any human assistance whatsoever. Version 1.0 was also announced just yesterday.
  • c2hs version 0.14.1 is out. It has a new parser system and its build system is now based upon Cabal.
  • MissingH 0.11.3 is out, and now supports Windows. MissingH is a library of pure-Haskell utility functions relating to strings, logging, and I/O. Darcs repository also available.
  • MissingH LGPL/BSD branch was announced. This branch is a stripped-down version of MissingH, with all GPL'd code either re-licensed or removed. It is available from a Darcs repository only.
  • An interview with Autrijus Tang about her Pugs project (a Perl 6 implementation in Haskell).
  • "Haskell is the language of choice for discriminating hackers!"
    The teams winning first and second place in the ICFP 2004 programming contest both used Haskell.



  • HSQL-1.6 was released by Krasimir Angelov.
  • Gtk2Hs version 0.9.8 was released by Duncan Coutts.
  • AVL library update available. Adrian Hey announced an update of AVL data structure library.
  • The GHC survey results are out Simon Marlow announced the results of the GHC user survey.


  • Issue 2 of The Monad Reader is out
  • wxHaskell 0.9.4 is released by Daan Leijen
  • pesco-cmdline-2.0 Sven Hallberg announced his command line library is available.
  • Haskell Communities & Activities Report (8th ed., May 2005) is out now, thanks to Andres Loeh.
  • Haskell Server Pages 0.2. Niklas Broberg announced HSP 0.2 is out.
  • Dumatel 1.02. Serge D. Mechveliani released version 1.02 of Dumatel, a prover program based on equational reasoning.
  • SearchPath 0.5. S. Alexander Jacobson implemented and released Internet import chasing. You wrap your compiler/interpreter call with "searchpath", pass the correct parameters and it will find all your module imports, if they are not local, it will look them up in Internet module directories you specify, retrieve the relevant modules, put them on your path and then run your compiler/interpeter with the appropriate commandline options.
  • hat-2.04, a Haskell Tracer Malcolm Wallace released a new release of Hat, the Haskell Tracer.
  • C->Haskell. Manuel Chakravarty released version 0.13.6 "Pressing Forward" of the interface generator C->Haskell.
  • lambdabot 3.0. Don Stewart released lambdabot 3.0. lambdabot is a stable, feature rich IRC bot based on a dynamic plugin framework. 98% of lambdabot is dynamically loaded over a static core. Lambdabot also features persistent state -- knowledge accumulated during an irc session is not lost if the program is restarted.


  • MissingH 0.10.0. John Goerzen released a new version of the MissingH library of Haskell functions.
  • haste - Haskell TurboEdit. haste - Haskell TurboEdit - is an IDE for the functional programming language Haskell, written in Haskell.
  • haskell-src-exts 0.2 Niklas Broberg announced haskell-src-exts 0.2. haskell-src-exts (hsx) is an extension of the standard haskell-src package, and handles most common syntactic extensions to Haskell
  • Haskell XML Toolbox 5.01. Uwe Schmidt announced Haskell XML Toolbox 5.01. Haskell XML Toolbox is for processing XML, and includes a validating parser and a new XPath module.
  • The jhc Haskell compiler. John Meacham announced jhc, a new Haskell compiler! Jhc is a compiler for Haskell that aims to produce very efficient code as well as explore novel compilation techniques in an attempt to make them practical. One thing jhc does not aim to be is a toy or proof-of-concept compiler. A lot of the techniques have already had proof-of-concept implementations and jhc aims to determine how to bring them to a full-scale Haskell compiler. (or die trying)
  • Haskell Cryptographic Library 2.0.1. Dominic Steinitz announced the release of a new version of the Haskell Cryptographic Library. It now uses darcs and cabal. The most significant change is in the way ASN.1 is handled. This has been made generic enough to handle PKCS#8 private keys and X.509 certificates.


  • De-typechecker: converting from a type to a term. stunned readers of the Haskell mailing list with a presentation of polymorphic functions that derive a term for a given type -- for a class of fully polymorphic functions: proper and improper combinators. I.e. A de-typechecker: converting from a type to a term.
  • Issue 1 of The Monad Reader. Shae Erisson published the first issue of The Monad.Reader.
  • The GHC Survey 2005. Simon Marlow announced that a GHC user survey was available to be filled out.
  • The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.4. The GHC Team is delighted to announce a new major release of GHC.
  • nhc98-1.18 + hmake-3.10. Malcolm Wallace was pleased to announce a new release of the nhc98 compiler and the hmake compilation manager.
  • Hugs interim release. Chasing the Jones's, we are pleased to announced an interim release of Hugs98, primarily targeted at Unix systems to gain experience with new features, especially Cabal.
  • HWSProxyGen version 0.1. Andre Furtado announced HWSProxyGen version 0.1, a web services proxy generator for the Haskell functional language, implemented in Haskell and C#.
  • yi 0.1. Don Stewart announced yi 0.1, an extensible, dynamic text editor written in Haskell.


  • MissingH 0.9.0. John Goerzen announced MissingH 0.9.0, a library of `missing' standard Haskell functions.
  • MissingPy. John Goerzen announced MissingPy 0.1.0. MissingPy is two things: 1) A Haskell binding for many C and Python libraries for tasks such as data compression, databases, etc. This can be found in the MissingPy module tree. 2) A low-level Haskell binding to the Python interpreter to enable development of hybrid applications that use both environments. This can be found in the Python module tree. The Haskell bindings above use this environment. MissingPy permits you to call Python code from Haskell. It does NOT permit you to call Haskell code from Python.
  • FGL version Feb 2005. Martin Erwig announced FGL - A Functional Graph Library, Version February 2005
  • Hacanon 0.1. Lemmih announced Hacanon 0.1. Hacanon is a Template Haskell library which automates the process of binding Haskell to libraries written in C++. It's designed to capture common patterns and allow the programmer to specify the desired behaviour accordingly.
  • hs-plugins 0.9.8. Don Stewart released hs-plugins 0.9.8, a dynamic linker library for Haskell.
  • wxHaskell 0.9. Daan Leijen released wxHaskell 0.9. This new release has support for the printing and much improved support for processes and the grid control.


  • Codec 1.0. Dominic Steinitz released Codec, a cryptographic library.
  • Generic Haskell 1.42 (Coral). Andres Loeh released Generic Haskell 1.42.
  • Cabal 0.4. Isaac Jones released Cabal 0.4, a build system for Haskell libraries.
  • Happy 1.15. Simon Marlow released Happy 1.15, a parser generator for Haskell.
  • Unicode CWString. John Meacham announced a new version of his unicode CWString library with extras.
  • Adaptive Simulated Annealing. John Meacham announced a library for adaptive simulated annealing in Haskell.
  • Gtk2Hs version 0.9.7. Duncan Coutts announced gtk2hs v0.9.7, a binding to the gtk graphics library.