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Senior research engineer

We seek an exceptional, highly motivated individual who is interested in a unique opportunity to collaborate with a world-class academic research community. This position is for the Armo project, using Bluespec HDL to radically improve Nokia's ability to develop advanced SOCs and corresponding software for future mobile phones and mobile computers. Success in the project will lead to both academic publication as well as a significant positive impact on Nokia products and engineering.

The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree and several years of industrial research experience. In addition to being expert in one or more technical areas, a successful candidate must be able to quickly master new fields of study and new technology. Candidates should be strong individual contributors with broad Computer Science engineering background and skills. They must be self-directed and require a minimum amount of supervision. As an individual contributor the candidate must be able and willing to work independently as well as participate as a member of other projects.

In addition, candidates must have strong communication skills. They must be able to lead technology transfer activities, write research papers and proposals, participate in industrial standards activities (this may include international travel), and manage internal and external business relationships.

Needed competencies and skills

Expertise in computer architecture, parallel programming is required. Expertise in hardware definition languages such as Verilog, VHDL, and Bluespec is desired. Expertise in several programming languages and environments such as Haskell, Lisp, Java, C, C++, Symbian, Unix or Linux is needed. In depth understanding of operating systems, distributed systems and network protocols is desired.

Department/Team description

Nokia Research Center Cambridge is a one year old group of 16 researchers located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NRCC's charter is to renew Nokia via open innovation, in particular via joint research projects with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. We are a systems research center, investigating all aspects of future mobile phones and services. Our goal is to develop new technologies, applications, and services, and to work with the rest of Nokia to make these a reality.

Contact: Jamey Hicks, Director, Nokia Research Center Cambridge 3 Cambridge Center Cambridge MA 02142 US