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Explanations will be added ...

Till then, see some ... appliances here: Modular Monadic Compilers for Programming Languages. The code is available.

. What are those pseudoconstructors ?

Replacements for data constructors defined on monadic (aka M a values) from an arbitrar monad. Are used and usefull to reprezent simultaneously and modularly the syntax and the semantic of a language.

. Projects and Papers

We had succesfully used this pseudoconstructori in the Rodin Project, a small DSL dedicated for teaching programming. Details was published here: Studii si Cercetari Stiintifice - Seria Matematica-Informatica Univ. din Bacau, facultatea de Stiinte.

Download some papers from one archive from the page of Rodin Project or from Rodin/Download. Some links are needed ....(development).

7 ian 2011. We had studied the use of pseudoconstructors for Modular TypeCheckers to build modular plugin based type checkers. Good results. Papers was publically defende in 2011 at NCMI ... Ask popavdan A T YAH00 com for papers, if interested.

A draft pf the paper:Adaptable Software - Modular Extensible Monadic Entry-pointless Type Checker in Haskell by Dan Popa , Ro/Haskell Group, Univ. “V.Alecsandri”, Bacau is available here: download

iunie 2011 The Pseudoconstructors over monadic values have just proved to be usefull instruments for compiler building. See also: Modular Monadic Compilers for Programming Languages.

13 iulie 2011 At the ARA Congress in Timisoara we have succeeding in scheduling a paper concerning horizontally modular languaged (ro:limbaje modularizate orizontal), having the typechecker and the evaluator (being or an interpreter or a compiler) horizontally sliced respecting the commands syntax of the grammar which can be modullarly added. The paper: "Adaptable Software – Modular extensible monadic evaluator and typechecker based on pseudoconstructors" had got the id: ARA35-119. A draft , written on 16 of may 2011 is available in the Ro/Haskell site. [Download a draft from]


Under development.