The Monad.Reader/Issue3

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(Published June 2005)


by Shae Erisson

This month's issue has a definite introductory theme. It includes republished book reviews, notes on learning, a look at the differences between functional and object oriented programming, and distributed computation.

As always, The Monad.Reader invites submissions on Haskell and related topics. Send a summary or abstract for your article to Shae Erisson.

As the summer approaches, it's getting harder to find authors. The Monad.Reader is fueled entirely by articles and time contributed by the community. Please contribute!


Notes on Learning Haskell
by Graham Klyne
Functional Programming vs Object Oriented Programming
by Alistair Bayley
Concurrent and Distributed Programming with Join Hs
by Einar Karttunen
Haskell School Of Expression: Review of The Haskell School of Expression
by Isaac Jones
Review of Purely Functional Data Structures
by Andrew Cooke