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Euler problems

Strictly speaking the Project Euler people blanking the page is a content dispute rather than vandalism. Anyway, I think we're OK for the moment? I generally try to be as light as possible with the admin tools. —Ashley Y 00:15, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Not just a content dispute. There have been people blanking entire pages (repeatedly!), removing sections, and so on. CaleGibbard 02:29, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Cale, it becomes more and more clear that Lisp is not only the one that put all that copyvio material on the higher numbered PE problems on this wiki, but also put inferior solutions over better, more instructive, solutions already present. Quale is restoring many of them. Can we get constructive? There are more sites listing solutions to some PE problems, mostly the lower ones. It's indeed nice material to learn a specific programming language. In fact it is flattering that our matreial is used for that. I have no objection about that. It was the ruthless "all problems" and certainly the answers page that made me furious. I can understand that you were infuriated by the deletion of whole pages. Moreover your remarks about "introspection" against henk263 set me on fire. I know Henk well, it's an undergraduate student that does remarkably well on Project Euler (whatever you may think about Project Euler). Such people are to be nourished, not provided with such kind of remarks. Let me be perfectly clear: you showed some weeknesses of PE, but someone maintaining a wiki must be prepared to face edit wars when material is published others may feel offended by. Is there a possible modus vivendi? Just a suggestion: let that answers page go. As far as I can see it was one of the most recent "contributions" of Lisp. hk