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A library for the programmatic generation of JavaScript code. Designed to be multipurpose, JMacro is useful whether you are writing nearly vanilla JavaScript or you are programmatically generating JavaScript either in an ad-hoc fashion or as the backend to a compiler or EDSL. JMacro provides a simple, lightweight quasiquoted syntax that is compatible with standard JavaScript. Most JavaScript code in the wild can be used as JMacro code with no or minimal modification. However, JMacro extends JavaScript syntax in a number of Haskell-friendly ways, including whitespace function application and single character lambdas. Syntax is statically checked at compile time. JMacro expressions may contain antiquoted Haskell code, which can generate further JMacro code, or any of a range of standard Haskell types, which are able to be marshalled into JMacro through typeclass methods.
More information on the Wiki page
License: BSD3
Author: Gershom Bazerman
Maintainer: gershomb@gmail.com
Package & repositories Hackage - Darcs
HSP Clientside
HSPClientside is a library for generating client-side scripts (in JavaScript) from Haskell Server Pages (HSP).
No link readily available as of 2010, but including here for completeness.

Part of hamlet- see Web/Libraries/Templating Insert haskell values into your javascript.