Xmonad/Using xmonad on OLPC XO

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xmonad on the XO

A photo of xmonad running on the XO

I got xmonad 0.7 running on an XO. I'm sure there are easier ways, but I compiled on the XO as instructed in the wiki. ghc and libX11-devel were available in yum. I had to mkswap on an SD card for things to compile in non-geologic time.

then, make a .xsession file in $HOME that says:

PATH=/home/olpc/bin/xmonad:$PATH  #so Mod-q works
exit 0                            # so normal olpc-session doesn't continue

The one major issue (which is now fixed in darcs) is that xmonad crashes when non-named colors are referred to. So a minimal xmonad.hs was required that sets normalBorderColor and focusedBorderColor to named colors.