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Buildbot is an automated building tool that build Yhc after every change to ensure it continues to work correctly across a wide range of platforms. Yhc has a buildbot set up here.

In order to ensure that Yhc is as portable as possible we need as many different platforms as we can get to become Buildbots.

If you would like to help becoming a buildbot slave is easy, and doesn't require a permanent internet connection.

Before you can become a buildbot slave you must ensure that you have all the components required to build Yhc. You must also install Buildbot and all of its dependencies.

You will need to email the mailing list for a username and password to use.

Finally, you can create the slave...

buildbot slave dir www.indiegigs.co.uk:9989 username password

Where dir is replace by the buildbot's working directory.

Then, either automatically or whenever you want the buildbot slave to run you must execute:

buildbot start dir

Where dir is replace by the buildbot's working directory.

Some more buildbot details (some of which don't apply to Yhc) are on the GHC Buildbot page, http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/BuildBot .