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This page describes the experimental Scons-based build script.

Scons is a build system that handles most of the cross platform compatibility issues automatically.


The scons scripts are currently in darcs. When you have retrieved the darcs repository simply run 'scons'.

The build system supports several commands, details of which can be found by typing 'scons help' or by reading below.

scons update

Update the YHC source and that of the dependencies.

scons depends

Check the dependencies that are retrieved by the build process are in place and up to date.

scons build

Build the compiler, runtime and library.

scons build yhc

Just build the YHC compiler.

scons build yhi

Just build the YHC runtime.

scons build library

Just build the YHC libraries.

scons test

Build and run Neil Mitchell's tester.

scons clean

Remove intermediate build files.

scons fullclean

Completely remove all files generated as part of the build process, including the dependencies.

Please report any problems with the scons build system to the mailing list, or if you work in the same office as me just come and prod me into action :-)