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Continuing a great tradition, we are going to have a BBQ at the lake on Friday 29th of May. The weather is forecast to be sunny with a few clouds, yay! Nevertheless, it will get quite chilly in the evening so do bring some warm clothes; and a picnic rug for the ultimate luxury ;-).

This year we use the public BBQ facilities in Wollishofen. Google sponsors cutlery, plates, cups, and napkins. The participants are responsible for buying drinks and food themselves. They can do this either by heading over to Coop Manesseplatz after the lunch break, or by buying the food on the way at Migros Enge (beware: no alcohol), at this BP gas station, or at this Avia gas station.

The idea for the schedule is that you leave Google between 17:00 and 18:00, buy your drinks and food, and either take a leisurely stroll along the lake or use public transportation (just buy a day pass for zone 110 and you are golden for the next 24 hours of public transportation). Simon Meier will be at the BBQ place starting from 18:00 and provide you with plates and BBQ utensils.

PS: There's gonna be a few welcome beers for the early birds ;-)