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* [[/Extended Haskell/]]
* [[/Extended Haskell/]]
* [[/Games/]]
* [[/Games/]]
* [[/Generic programming/]]
* [[/Genetic programming/]]
* [[/Genetic programming/]]
* [[/GUI libraries|Graphical User Interface Libraries]]
* [[/GUI libraries|Graphical User Interface Libraries]]

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Applications, libraries and tools written in Haskell.

Developers: if you release any Haskell code, please document it for the community, by adding it to the appropriate category on this page.

Haskell libraries

The first places to look for data types or functions are:

See also Hackage and how to install a Cabal package.


HackageDB is the new central database for 3rd party Haskell packages. Look here for stable versions of common libraries. Developers: upload your cabalised packages to hackageDB (if you don't have a login, just ask). Recent packages uploaded to HackageDB.

Haskell applications and libraries

Applications, libraries and tools for Haskell or written in Haskell:

Other places to look include:

Guidelines for developers

Built with Cabal

Developer guides:

Proposals for the module name space layout that can be used to guide the construction of new libraries.

Libraries for other languages

If you are thinking about designing a new library for Haskell, you ought to look what has been done in other languages. Here are standard library definitions for