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Haskell projects for Google's Summer of Code.

This page is for mentors to add their ideas and to say which projects they'd be happy to supervise. It is also for students to see what kinds of projects are available. Students should not claim projects here however, but use the normal Google SoC application process. Mentors feel free to write your name under orphaned projects.


Cabal-get is an automatic installer for Cabal libraries. The goal is to distribute the program with Cabal, but to achieve this we need to cut almost all of its dependencies. This project should be fairly easy (the code base of cabal-get is only 1K loc).

Mentor: Lemmih


Write a new plugin system using the new ghc-api. Enough of the groundwork has been laid out now that someone with a few months and some background could finish up the work.

GhcPlugins will replace the plugin system currently used in hIDE.

Mentor: Lemmih

Fix HsSDL (Haskell libSDL bindings) on Windows and MacOS

Implement various debugging tools in GHC

  • Dynamic breakpoints.
  • Generic object viewer.
  • Simple CCS for providing stack traces on exceptions and breakpoints.

Mentor: Lemmih

Handle recursive modules in GHC

Gtk / Graphics / GNOME related projects

I'd be happy to accept projects in this area. Last year I was unoficial mentor to Paolo who did the cairo bindings. Possible ideas include a dbus binding. (Feel free to add more ideas here or I might do as I think of them.)

Mentor: Duncan Coutts

Incremental GC for GHC

Implementing the incremental garbage collection algorithm described in the paper Non-stop Haskell in GHC.

hs-plugins based web server

Build an industrial-strength CGI/FastCGI/etc daemon to be used for enterprise-type web applications.

Parsers for various programming languages

Populate the Language hierarchy of modules with new parsers for many languages, at the moment it does only contain Language.Haskell.

Mentor: Shae Matijs Erisson (shapr)

Yi projects

Syntax Highlighting, Plugins. It's quite a peculiar kind of application. Its design is based on type-safe dynamically loadable modules and it is more dynamic than Emacs!

Mentor: Shae Matijs Erisson (shapr)

Students' ideas / Game

I'm ready to take on anyone willing to write a useful application or game (preferably a program) given that it is of reasonable size (upper limitaton).

Mentor: Johan Henriksson (Mahogny)