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Now fixed, see talk page.

This page is an attempt to find a minimal criminal for the bugs in GeSHi, the syntax highlighter that powers <haskell> and <hask> on the Haskell wiki.

x == '-' || True

That breaks.

x :: String
x = map toUpper "hello"

Subsequent <haskell> blocks seem to independant of the breakages.

False || True

Looks like the (||) operator is causing the problems.

a || b

However, that works. Perhaps it only breaks when using literals?

'a' || 'b'

No, characters work too.

'a' || True
True || 'a'
5 || 'a'
'a' || 5
5 || True
True || 5

Any kind of attempt to mix literals of different types breaks.

'a' || 'b' -- chars work
 "a" || "b" -- strings work

I think any number or constructor on either side of the || makes it break.

 f 5 || g 6
 f 'a' || g 6

Function application with numbers fails too.

Mixing "a", 'a', or a on one side and a function taking the same on the other works:

"a" || isDigit 'a'

However, with a numeric argument, it's wrong:

"a" || isDigit 5

Possible counterexample to 'constructors don't work':

a || A

Specifically, if they have two or more letters, they seem to fail:

a || Ab

More evidence:

Ab || a
a || Ab
Ab || 'a'
'a' || Ab
Ab || "a"
"a" || Ab
"a" || True

From the Intro page, '<' isn't linking, (++) goes to (.), (>=) isn't found

qsort []     = []
qsort (x:xs) = qsort (filter (< x) xs) ++ [x] ++ qsort (filter (>= x) xs)