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This is the home for the Haskell AI Strike Force! Here we will collect code, problems, papers, ideas, and people for putting together a flexible AI toolkit in Haskell.


If interested in contributing to or monitoring this project, please put your name, nickname (if applicable - e.g., if you talk on #haskell), and email address so we can keep each other up-to-date.

Andrew Wagner (chessguy) <wagner dot andrew at gmail>

Bryan Green (shevek) <dbryan dot green at gmail>

Ricardo Herrmann <rherrmann at gmail>

Dan Doel (dolio) <dan dot doel at gmail>

Chung-chieh Shan (ccshan) <ccshan at cs dot rutgers dot edu>

Adam Wyner (Lawman) <adam dot wyner dot info>

Allan Erskine (thedatabase) <allan dot erskine at gmail>

Dave Tapley (DukeDave) <dukedave at gmail>

Lloyd Allison <lloyd dot allison at infotech dot monash dot edu dot au>

Paul Berg (Procyon) <procyon at procyondevelopments dot com>

Eric Kow (kowey) <eric dot kow at gmail> [watching on the sidelines]

Charles Blundell <blundellc at gmail>

Mathew Mills (mathewm) <mathewmills (at) gmail (dot) com>

Jason Morton (inverselimit) <jason.morton at gmail>

Jiri Hysek (dvekravy) <xhysek02 at stud dot fit dot vutbr dot cz> [NN, EA]

Shahbaz Chaudhary <shahbazc at gmail> [interested in GP]

Hans van Thiel <hthiel dot char á zonnet tot nl> [automated rule discovery, author of the Emping data mining utility]

Alp Mestanogullari (Alpounet) <alp (at) mestan (dot) fr> [machine learning mainly]


Things that need a home

If there are things that should be included in the project, but you're not sure where it should go, place it here! I'll start with:

I've proposed a machine learning library for this year's Google Summer of Code. [1] There has been a few interested (and seemingly well qualified) students, too. I'm not sure if it qualifes as "AI", but if you are interested in this project (as a potential student, mentor, or just...well, interested), please add yourself to the above link, and/or get in touch with me at <ketil at malde dot org>. --Ketil 07:46, 26 March 2007 (UTC)

Martin Erwig's probabilistic functional programming (PFP) project, including an implementation of the probability monad:

Culmination of some recent posts about the probability monad on Random Hacks (including a darcs repository):

sigfpe's coverage and highly algebraic view of the probability monad in Haskell:

Two links I found today that are interesting:

Polytypic unification - unification seems particularly useful for AI tasks (at least natural language stuff)... wouldn't be nice to have a generic library that does it for you?

Easy-to-use work-in-progress neural network library, by Alp Mestan and Chaddaï Fouché :

Proposed Module Hierarchy

  • AI
    • AI.Searching
      • AI.Searching.Evolutionary
    • AI.Logic
    • AI.Planning
    • AI.Probabilistic
    • AI.Learning
      • AI.Learning.Kernel
      • AI.Learning.NeuralNet
    • AI.Classification
      • AI.Classification.ExpertSystem
    • AI.Communication

Proposed sample format for a wiki page on a topic or sub-topic


The slashes show that Logic is a subpage of AI and Fuzzy is a subpage of AI/Logic. MediaWiki will then generate links back up the chain of pages. (Try the links to see)

  • Fuzzy logic is blah blah...
  • Sub-topics:
    • Trivial fuzzy logic in Haskell
    • Type 2 fuzzy logic
  • Links to existing literature:
    • General
      • My first fuzzy logic book
    • Specific to functional programming / Haskell
      • Fun with fuzzy functions
  • Typical problems:
    • Problem 1: blah blah blah
    • Problem 2: blah blah blah
  • List of people involved in the area
    • Me
    • Someone else
  • Body
    • List of goals
    • Progress being made on them
    • Code and documentation.

Current sub-pages