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Android is an operating system for mobile devices, based on Linux; software development is mainly done in Java. See the Wikipedia article for more information.

How to develop Android software in Haskell

There are two main approaches to writing Android applications. You can either use the Java Native Interface (JNI) or the Native Development Kit (NDK).

If you'd like to go down the path of using the JNI there is a Haskell binding library foreign-jni; here is a demonstration of its use: android-haskell-activity. An extension on the android-haskell-activity which includes a full cross platform build script and iOS support can be found here CPHConsoleApp.

You can also create applications using the NDK. See the NativeActivity demo application using the Ajhc Haskell compiler for example.

There has also been some success in compiling GHC as a cross compiler. See below.