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On June the 9th, Microsoft Research sent out an advert for job. This job involves maintaining the Glorious Glasgow Compiler, and created quite a stir in the Haskell community: It's the job we've all been hoping for! After a while the CV's were sent, and Microsoft Research has now invited several Haskellers for an interview at Cambridge, UK.

This event has been recognized as a great opportunity for a Haskell gathering and we hereby invite all Haskellers (and other cool people) to a fun couple of days in Cambridge.


  • Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of August.

Definite attendees:

  • Simon Peyton-Jones and Simon Marlow (Friday only)
  • Lemmih (will arrive the 2nd and leave the 6th)
  • PhilippaCowderoy (barring emergencies, can hang around)
  • ShaeErisson (can stay for a couple of days)
  • Peter Nuttall (am around from the 26 July onwards, baring the 3rd when I'm in ipswitch)
  • Gen Zhang (am in Cambridge anyway)
  • GaneshSittampalam (for at least some of the time)
  • Neil Mitchell - ndm (can come for the 5th, if I can have some floor space)
  • Liyang HU (provided there's some sort of concrete plan...)
  • greenrd

Possible attendees:

  • dcoutts (depends on the date)
  • xerox (depends on the date)
  • GK (depends on the date; it'd be great to meet some of the wonderful Haskell community folks)
  • EdwinBrady (depends on the date; would probably stay a couple of days)
  • vincenz (depends on the date, preferably a day or two, partially weekend)
    • Would need details in advance to reserve ticket for EUROSTAR


  • Are there places we can crash, rooms we can share?
    • If dcoutts goes then he can probably offer floor space to a few.
    • I (psnl) have 14 sq metres of floor crash space in a college.


  • Is there a more concrete plan? What exactly are we doing?
    • Planning is taking place on IRC: #anglohaskell on
    • Talks:
      • greenrd wants to talk about simulating dependent types in Haskell
      • Lemmih could give a short talk on breakpoints in GHC
    • some kind of coding / pair programming? Maybe set aside one of the two days for this?


  • Please could everyone bring or make a nametag that identifies you by your real name and/or IRC name.