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:An implementation of the untyped lambda calculus
:An implementation of the untyped lambda calculus
;[ Epigram]
:A dependently typed programming language and an interactive programming environment

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Haskell, with its support for pattern matching on data structures, generic structure traversals, and expressive type system, is popular for implementing compilers and intepreters. Here's a selection of languages implemented in Haskell.


1 Large languages

1.1 Haskell

GHC, The Glasgow Haskell Compiler, is written in Haskell
Yhc, The York Haskell Compiler, is written in Haskell
Jhc is a Haskell compiler which aims to produce the most efficient programs possible via whole program analysis
A compiler for Haskell 98, written in Haskell
A parallel version of Haskell from MIT.

1.2 Perl

Pugs is an implementation of Perl 6, written in Haskell. It aims to implement the full Perl6 specification.

1.3 Ruby

RType is a Ruby interpreter written in Haskell

1.4 Scheme

Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours
A Haskell Tutorial.

1.5 Emacs Lisp

The beginnings of an Emacs lisp compiler/interpreter.

1.6 Epigram

Epigram is a prototype dependently typed functional programming language

1.7 Curry

The Münster Curry Compiler
A native code compiler for the declarative multi-paradigm language Curry, written in Haskell

1.8 Bluespec

A compiler for a hardware description language translating a Haskell-like (but with System Verilog syntax these days) language to Verilog.

1.9 Cayenne

A compiler for a Haskell-like language with depedent types.

1.10 Agda

A Cayenne-like programming language and proof assistant.

1.11 Chameleon

A Haskell-style language which implements the ideas described in a ``A Theory of Overloading``

1.12 Data Field Haskell

Data Field Haskell
A dialect of the functional programming language Haskell that provides an instance of data fields

1.13 Eden

A Haskell dialect for parallel programming

1.14 Generic Haskell

Generic Haskell
An extension of Haskell that supports generic programming

1.15 PolyP

A polytypic programming language

1.16 Helium

A Haskell subset for educational purposes

2 Small languages

2.1 Baskell

An interpreter for a small functional programming language. Supports strict and non-strict evaluation, and type inference. Useful for teaching purposes.

2.2 Unlambda

An implementation of unlambda in Haskell

2.3 BF

An implementation of BF in Haskell

2.4 Untyped lambda calculus

An implementation of the untyped lambda calculus

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