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1 Applications

  • Yi is a text editor written and extensible in Haskell. It has an own Haskell wiki page, too. The goal of the Yi project is to provide a flexible, powerful and correct editor core scriptable in Haskell. A principle of Yi is that any behaviour can be programmed, so there exist vi, vim, emacs, mg, nano, joe and ee frontends to Yi. Other editor interfaces can be written easily via a lexer specification.
  • hIDE is an IDE for Haskell, based around a dynamic plugin core, and utilising a sophisticated compiler interface to provide syntax colouring, type checking and more.

2 Libraries

  • EdComb -- Editor combinators allow to assemble structure editors compositionally instead of generating them from descriptions, just as parsing combinators allow to assemble parsers compositionally instead of employing parser generators to generate parsers from grammar descriptions. A fruitfully general approach to the concept of editor is presented. Therefore, these editor combinators can be used also e.g. as browser combinators, with interesting new possibilities for browsers.
  • Cohatoe -- short for Contributing Haskell to Eclipse. Eclipse is an open, extensible IDE platform, accepting plugins for extending functionality. Normally such plugins are written in Java. Cohatoe enables writing such plugins in Haskell.

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