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This page contains a list of libraries and tools in a certain category. For a comprehensive list of such pages, see Applications and libraries.


Frag is a 3D first person shooting game written in Haskell, by Mun Hon Cheong. It uses Yampa, Quake 3 BSP level format and OpenGL. It is licensed under the GPL.
ANSI terminal Space Invaders
A very simple space invaders written entirely in Haskell 98.
ASCII tetris in Haskell
Monadius is a shoot 'em up with the selection bar power-up system for Windows, written in Haskell
Roguestar is a science fiction adventure role playing game using haskell and OpenGL.
Mage (tar.gz)
Nethack clone written in Haskell
Chess AI engine
GTK chess client


FunGEn - a game engine for Haskell
FunGEn (Functional Game Engine) is a 2D platform-independent game engine implemented in and for Haskell, using HOpenGL. It is intended to help game programmers in the game development process, in a faster and automated way.