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Common library for generic programming

Johan Jeuring and Andres Loeh announced an initiative to design a common library for generic programming, which should work together with most of the Haskell compilers, and for which they hope to guarantee support for generics in Haskell into the future. If you want to get involved (or just want to see the discussion), you can subscribe to the generics mailing list. Check the Haskell research wiki for some background on generics.

Work Plan

At the moment the work plan is to spend two week discussing several of the existing approaches. This phase will extend until the end of the year. The list of proposals under discussion is:

  • A Lightweight Implementation Generics and Dynamics

  • SYB (and variants)

  • Generics for the Masses

  • Generics as a library

  • Smash your Boilerplate

  • RepLib

  • Extensible superclasses

  • Almost compositional functions