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;[http://cs.helsinki.fi/u/ekarttun/network-alt/ network-alt]
;[http://cs.helsinki.fi/u/ekarttun/network-alt/ network-alt]
:Alternative high speed network implementation supporting varios IO strategies including epoll.
:Alternative high speed network implementation supporting various IO strategies including epoll.
;[http://cs.helsinki.fi/u/ekarttun/hsgnutls/ hsgnutls]
;[http://cs.helsinki.fi/u/ekarttun/hsgnutls/ hsgnutls]

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Libraries and tools for various network protocols. See also Libraries and tools/Web programming for HTML specific tools.


An IRC bot implemented in Haskell, with a plugin architecture, providing many many services, including:
  • Haskell evaluation, type and kind checking
  • Type search, identifier search, library search, google and wikipedia search
  • Code refactoring
  • And more!
An IRC client in haskell
Conjure is a Haskell implementation of the bittorrent protocol
A gopher caching spider, similar in goals to the wayback machine at archive.org. Written in Haskell, uses the HDBC database engine.
Ginsu is a client for the gale chat system. It is designed to be powerful and above all stable, as well as having a quick learning curve.
linkchk is a network interface link ping monitor. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6. It works by monitoring the routing table and pinging the gateway (next hop) of a network interface.


Alternative high speed network implementation supporting various IO strategies including epoll.
Support for SSL/TLS connections.
ldap-haskell is a Haskell binding to C-based LDAP libraries such as OpenLDAP. With ldap-haskell, you can interrogate an LDAP directory, update its entries, add data to it, etc. ldap-haskell provides an interface to all the most common operations you would need to perform with an LDAP server.
HAppS - Haskell Application Server
Monadic ACID transactions, a high performance HTTP server, an SMTP server, a DNS server, mail delivery agent, XML and XSLT, and more.