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The Arch Haskell group maintains AUR packages for Haskell. The Arch Haskell packages make up around 10% of total AUR packages (~2000 packages).

To make the task of implementing the Arch Haskell policy of tracking AUR feasible, we take two approaches:

  • massive automation of Hackage -> AUR conversion, via cabal2arch
  • group participation in updating packages.

The first step ensures a consistent user experience:

  • cabal2arch should be used to generate all Haskell AUR packages,
  • which ensures all naming conventions and other policies are followed,

The second point ensures the Arch Haskell project isn't vulernable to "bus errors" where a user burns out.

The job of an Arch Haskell group maintainer

The job of an Arch Haskell maintainer is as follows.

* Ensure AUR tracks Hackage versions of packages.

To do this, the following work is done:

* Watch the Hackage RSS feed
* When new packages appear, attempt to build and upload them, with the "build" script.

The "build" script

The "install" script

Package Quality Assurance

Package Publication and Notification