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If you've found this page, you use haskell, and live in Australia, then you're in the right place! We're looking into organising a a Haskell hackathon some time during the middle of 2010, and this were it shall be organised.

If you're interested in coming, please put your name down on the list below, along with your IRC nickname if you're on #haskell, and possibly your email (We'll use this to let you know of any progress we've made, but it's not mandatory).

What we've got so far

When: A few dates have been discussed, mainly taking into account when the university holidays are for various universities:

ANU: June 7 -> July 18 UNSW: 29 June -> 18 July

We're looking at organising it over a weekend, and I (Axman6) would quite like to have it start on a Friday, ending on Sunday. This does not at all mean that those who can’t make the Friday will miss out, the more people we have, the better. But I think that having more time will mean that we can get more done (which is the point right?).

Where: Manuel Chakravarty and Ben Lippmeier have said there should be no problem finding a room at UNSW, with the only possible problem being Internet access for everyone, but hopefully something can be arranged by that time.