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There are ports in [ pkgsrc]:
There are ports in [ pkgsrc]:
* [ <tt>lang/ghc</tt>], version 6.8.3 and [ <tt>wip/ghc</tt>], version 7.0.3 (using binary bootstrap kits)
* [ <tt>lang/ghc</tt>], version 6.8.3 and [ <tt>wip/ghc</tt>], version 7.4.1 (using binary bootstrap kits)
* [ and many more]
* [ and many more]

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Tips and tricks for users of the BSDs (Note, Mac users, are you looking for Mac OS X tips?)


1 FreeBSD

There are ports and packages:

More information in the FreeBSD Wiki's Haskell page

There are specific libraries and programs for handling your FreeBSD Ports:

  • porte (ports-mgmt/porte) provides an interface to searching ports index fields and collecting frequency statistics for these;
  • newports lists ports newer than N days.

2 OpenBSD

There are ports and packages:

Specific tools:

3 NetBSD, DragonFly BSD (and others using pkgsrc)

There are ports in pkgsrc:

4 Miscellaneous BSD-specific packages

  • bsd-sysctl provides access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface

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