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Haskell Project Hackathon

Friday, February 11th, 2pm – Sunday, February 13th 2pm

Come join a group of Haskell hackers. Bring your own projects, or work on ours: It is more fun to do it in a group!

Learn Haskell Workshop

Saturday, February 12th, 10am – 4pm

Come learn Haskell! No prior Haskell experience needed. Bring your laptop and a willingness to have your brain stretched in enjoyable ways. We’ll be do some web programming in Haskell.

When: Feb 11-13, 2011
Where: Hacker Dojo, 140A South Whisman Road, Mountain View, CA (Google Map)
Cost: Free
Sign up: sign-up form
News and Discussion: BayHac Google Group

As of Feb 1st, there are over 60 people signed up!


If you're attending, please put your name up!


If you're going to attend and plan working on a project, please put it up here so other interested hackers can see what sorts of projects are afoot.

Compiler plugins for GHC

I plan on helping integrate and maintain compiler plugins for GHC. My work at the hackathon will be to try and get the current patch (allowing you to write Core optimizations) applied to GHC HEAD. Following that, my plan is to extend the functionality, so you can write Cmm passes as well.

There's a wiki-page describing this on-going work:

  • Hackers: Austin Seipp

Hashing-based containers

I plan to finish a first release of my new HashMap container, based on the hash array mapped trie data structure.

  • Hackers: Johan Tibell

music sequencer

It's a music sequencer in haskell, rather different from other sequencers out there. I'm (elaforge) planning on lazifying score interpretation, or if I'm done with that by the time the hackathon comes up, picking something from the list below:

  • language / score design
  • performance tuning (garbage reduction, parallelization, ...)
  • port to linux (i.e. write alsa midi or jack midi bindings)
  • alternate backends (osc, csound, lilypond, ...)
  • GUI / UI
  • if someone else is interested, whatever it is they're interested in!
  • Hackers: Evan Laforge

project watcher

Code to watch for changes to a project to automatically re-compile, run tests, etc. I have this working for me on Linux now. I would like to release this as an easy to use, platform independent package.

  • Hackers: Greg Weber


I will probably work on the MongoDB backend for Persistent. If anyone has questions about web development with Yesod, or wants to hack on the framework, let me know.

  • Hackers: Greg Weber

Projects listed in signups

  • GHC
    • Compiler Plugins
    • LLVM backend
  • Haskell Platform
  • Yices-Painless EDSL
  • network package re-write
  • BLAS bindings
  • iterIO/haskellDB
  • music sequencer
  • Yesod
  • binary file/block device analyzer/editor
  • Erland in Haskell
  • Graphics
  • NoSQL DB
  • HWordNet
  • barley
  • machine learning
  • natral language processing
  • matrix and tensor manipulation
  • DSL for microcontrollers
  • hledger
  • darcsden
  • theorem prover
  • interface to Swiss Ephemeris