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Here's how Haskellers responded to the following question in the Call for Participation survey.

"As a potential new collaborator, which open source Haskell projects might you like to hack on or learn more about?"

  • liquid-haskell
  • Machine learning related projects. Other stuff that looks interesting?
  • pipes and/or conduit
  • Data Haskell
  • Unison ( )
  • Scotty, Spock or Servant
  • Servant, Opaleye, Earley, Hask
  • Servant
  • Ghc
  • Parallel Collections / Concurrent Strategies
  • lenses
  • Hspec, Haskell TensorFlow (, anything AI/ML related in Haskell
  • Servant, Opaleye, Freer
  • Shake, Machines, Pipes, Conduit, Lens, Haxl, Pandoc, invertible syntax libraries (e.g. invertible-syntax, roundtrip)
  • hackage-server, cabal, ghc, infrastructure & tooling
  • free, pipes, conduit, opaleye
  • Haskakafka
  • ghc
  • turtle, intero, servant, yesod
  • Clash, anything with domain specific languages for mathematics and DSP
  • GHC
  • conduit
  • Any, but I'd especially like to help people improve docs if that's welcome.