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Project: Haddock
Description: Your favourite Haskell documentation generation tool
Maintainers/liaisons: Alex Biehl

What follows are some project ideas for Bayhack weekend on the Haddock tool itself. If you are interested in one of them, please talk to Alex Biehl. He will provide guidance and support.

Make DocH polymorphic in string type

With the GSOC "Hi Haddock" proposal part of haddock-library is becoming part of GHC itself. By abstracting over the String type for the markup types we don't have to pay the cost of 'String' and let GHC use it's efficient, internal string types.

Port the markup parser to use Text rather than String

This goes well with the first project. tries to replace haddocks parsing machinery with the parsec library. Now that `text` is a boot library we would like to add a parser for Text values to haddock to avoid using regular Strings.