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Articles using Haskell for mathematics, and the mathematics of Haskell.

For further references see the:


[edit] 1 Haskell for mathematics

[edit] 1.1 General

[edit] 1.2 Calculus and Differential Geometry

[edit] 1.3 Algebraic Topology and Geometry

[edit] 1.4 Geometry

[edit] 1.5 Group theory

[edit] 1.6 Set theory

[edit] 1.7 Ring theory

[edit] 1.8 Number theory

[edit] 1.9 Cryptography and coding theory

[edit] 1.10 Logic

[edit] 1.11 Numerics

[edit] 2 Theorem proving

[edit] 3 Quantum computing

[edit] 4 Mathematics of Haskell

[edit] 4.1 Category theoretic

[edit] 4.2 Lambda and combinator calculi

[edit] 4.3 Other formal logics

[edit] 4.4 Miscellaneous