Boston Area Haskell Users' Group

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Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Boston Area Haskell Users' Group is to provide a regular forum in which area people interested in Haskell can get together, meet each other, share skills, and grow the community

Meeting Format

The Haskell Users' Group is not a forum for academic talks. The Boston area already provides plenty of opportunities for academics to give talks. The Haskell Users' Group is a forum for informal interactions and a place where you can show us the code.

The ideal meeting will include two presentations and a break:

  • A presentation of code that even a beginner will appreciate
  • A break
  • A presentation of code that will make at least some experts say Ooh! and Aah!

Demos are also encouraged, but we want to see at least a little bit of code, please.

Planned schedule

The group is intended to launch in January 2009 with a schedule of six meetings per year. The calendar is designed so that most meetings are scheduled at a time when people might have something new to show off.

  • A meeting in late January following POPL
  • A meeting at the end of March or the beginning of April, just after the ICFP deadline
  • A meeting in May after classes are out but before students and professors have dispersed for the summer
  • A meeting in July after the POPL deadline and perhaps just after the ICFP programming contest
  • A meeting in September following ICFP and the Haskell Symposium
  • A meeting in November with a special emphasis on companies who may wish to recruit interns or new employees

Call for volunteers

We need volunteers

  • To host one of the regular meetings
  • To present
  • To twist other people's arms to present
  • To talk to John Hughes and learn how to organize a "jobs fair" for the November meeting
  • To acquire a mailing list (perhaps boston at haskell dot org) and populate it with interested parties

If you want to volunteer, please visit the volunteers' page