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Cal3D for Haskell is a binding to the animation library, Cal3D.


Cal3D is a C++ library for skeletal animation. It does not do any rendering itself, but provides hooks for a graphics API (such as OpenGL) to do the actual drawing. For more information about the C++ Cal3D library, see its Cal3D FAQ, its homepage, and its GNA project page.

For Haskell

Cal3D for Haskell is soon (as of June 26, 2009) to be released. There will be three packages:

  • cal3d: Just the Haskell binding to (initially just a small part of) the library itself.
  • cal3d-opengl: Makes Cal3D easier to use with OpenGL. Since Cal3D itself does not depend on any particular graphics API, this is a separate package.
  • cal3d-examples: One or more examples to show how to use it.

New users will be wise to read The Cal3D User's Guide (of the C++ library) to get an idea of the architecture of the system, before looking at the API documentation. The initial release of the Haskell binding will contain just enough functions to do what is described in the "Usage" section of that document.