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Chlor is a pure-Haskell library that

  • produces vector graphics
  • provides highlevel components
  • supports essential file formats like SVG, EPS, etc. (PDF to follow)


1 Overview

1.1 Boxes

Layout is defined by boxes, which are invisible themselves.

Boxes can be

  • shrinked
  • split - with margins or no margins
  • merged with other boxes
  • filtered

Chlor boxes.png

1.2 Shapes

Some builtin-shapes mapped to a box grid:

Chlor shapes.png

1.3 Graphical attributes

Dash pattern:

Chlor dash patterns.png


Chlor clipping.png

1.4 Transformations

Affine transformations:

Chlor affine map.png

1.5 Charts

Line chart:

Chlor line chart.png

2 Installation

Chlor is currently only available from the SVN repository

3 Development

Planned among others:

  • more advanced charts
  • import for simple SVG graphics
  • PDF export via HPDF

4 Contact