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* [ Running Haskell on Raspberry Pi]
* [ Running Haskell on Raspberry Pi]
* [ Raspberry Pi in a Haskell Cloud]
* [ Raspberry Pi in a Haskell Cloud]

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Cloud Haskell is a domain-specific language for developing programs for a distributed computing environment. Implemented as a shallow embedding in Haskell, it provides a message passing communication model, inspired by Erlang, without introducing incompatibility with Haskell’s established shared-memory concurrency.


1 Availability

Cloud Haskell is available from Hackage as distributed-process. You might also want to install distributed-process-simplelocalnet. The cutting edge development version is on github.

There is also the older prototype implementation remote (also available from github).

2 Documentation

For an overview of Cloud Haskell it's probably a good idea to read Towards Haskell in the Cloud (details below). The relevant documentation (in order of importance is)


If you want to know more details about Closure or Static (without the Template Haskell magic on top) you might want to read

3 Blog Posts

Cloud Haskell intros

Alen Ribic has a series of blog posts about (Cloud) Haskell on the Raspberry Pi

4 Papers