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(link to htam)
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* {{HackagePackage|id=HaskellForMaths}}
* {{HackagePackage|id=HaskellForMaths}}
* {{HackagePackage|id=species}}
* {{HackagePackage|id=species}}
* [http://code.haskell.org/~thielema/htam/src/ htam] - a mathematical sandbox containing some code for combinatorics

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Haskell is a great language for computational combinatorics. This page is for collecting information, links, and resources related to doing combinatorics in Haskell.

Mailing list

combinatorics@projects.haskell.org is a low-traffic list for discussing anything related to the intersection of combinatorics and Haskell. Topics in the union of combinatorics and Haskell are probably welcome as well. You can subscribe here.


There are a number of Haskell libraries related to combinatorics: