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; Chris Forno [http://jekor.com/ http://jekor.com/]
; Chris Forno [http://jekor.com/ http://jekor.com/]
: Los Angeles
: San Fransisco
; Simon Michael http://joyful.com
; Simon Michael http://joyful.com

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Well-Typed LLP http://www.well-typed.com/
The Haskell Consultants
Björn Bringert, Duncan Coutts and Ian Lynagh
OM Consulting Limited omconsult@gmail.com  
Intelligent solutions.
Chris Forno http://jekor.com/
San Fransisco
Simon Michael http://joyful.com
Los Angeles
Tupil http://tupil.com
Chris Eidhof & Eelco Lempsink
Utrecht, The Netherlands
LambdaPix http://lambdapix.com
Conal Elliott
Blog: http://conal.net/blog
San Andreas, CA, USA
Brett Letner http://www.linkedin.com/in/brettletner
Lawrence, KS, USA