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* Some [[DDC/FurtherReading|FutherReading]].
* Some [[DDC/FurtherReading|FutherReading]].
Some example [ code], and it's [ output] and
Some example [ code], and it's [ output],
[ core]
[ core] and [ C-code]
== The Disciplined Disciple Compiler ==
== The Disciplined Disciple Compiler ==

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Disciple is an explicitly lazy dialect of Haskell which supports destructive update, computational effects, type directed field projections and some other useful things.


1 Disciple vs Haskell

Some example code, and it's output, core and C-code

2 The Disciplined Disciple Compiler

  • Uses a typed core language which includes effect, closure, region and mutability information.
  • This extended type information is used to allow code-transformation style optimizations in the presence of side effects and mutable objects.
  • Compiles via standard C99, so is highly portable.
  • Compiles cleanly on linux-x86 and darwin-x86 (tested on Mac OS X 10.5.2)
  • Is in a usable alpha state.

3 Get the Source

Use darcs to get the repo from

   darcs get

Alternatively, download the source tar-ball from Google code

Check the ReleaseNotes and INSTALL instructions.

4 Contact the Maintainers