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This page should contain all the information you need to know to get to Utrecht, get around, and get out. If it doesn't, let us know.

Before you arrive!



We are using several different venues for DHD >>= UHac. The main reason for this is money (or lack thereof).

DHD at Ordina

Ordina is gratefully sponsoring the DHD with their fine facilities and delicious food (Seriously! We held the first DHD there, and we're happy to go back.)

Getting there

UHac at the BBL (UU)

UHac starts out after the DHD in a classroom in the BBL building at the "Uithof" campus of Utrecht University. Since the organizers are located there, and class is still in session, we don't have to pay a thing.

Getting there

Via the bus

From the central station, take bus 11 or 12. The both go to the Uithof, but they take different routes: bus 11 goes through the city center, and bus 12 stays to the south of the center.

  • With bus 11, take the "Botanische Tuinen" (Botanical Gardens) stop. The penultimate stop is "Wim Sonneveldlaan."
  • With bus 12, take the "Padualaan" stop. The penultimate stop is "Rijnsweerd Zuid‎."

Once off the bus, walk north (from both stops) to the red building called the "Minnaert" (with its name spelled out in large letters on the facade).

From the Minnaert

This is the Minnaert building, which is easier to spot. The arrow points to the BBL, immediately behind the Minnaert.

Walk through the Minnaert to the BBL (indicated by the arrow in the photo above). The easiest way to find the path is by following a line of small, circular, metal plates on the walkway to the entrance of the Minnaert. These plates continue inside and lead directly to the BBL. Once you cross a bridge (with a view of bamboo!) into the BBL, simply take the stairs or elevator in the center of the building down to the ground floor and walk to the room.

UHac at Newton (UCU)

Over the weekend, UHac will be held in classrooms at the University College Utrecht campus. UU wanted us to pay more than we could afford to keep the classroom (and thus the building) open when class was not in session, but UCU has students living on campus, so the buildings are already open, and we can afford their rates.

Getting there



Getting to Utrecht

Getting around Utrecht