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A big part of hackathons is working on projects together (in person, not online!). This page documents the projects at UHac.

If you want to suggest a project, add a subsection under Projects.

Sharing code

If you need a place to host a project so that others can help with it, there are many different options.


Below are the projects potentially being undertaken at UHac.

  1. You can add your own project using the template found in the wiki source.
  2. You can add yourself to a project's list of interesting parties.

GHC Generics


  • José Pedro Magalhães
  • Feel free to join! Also if you just have ideas of things that should work, or want to understand generics better


Standard algorithms

Objective point of this project is to implement or improve some standard algorithms like suffix arrays, z-function, cartesian trees, dijkstra algorithms which lack in standard library.


  • Victor Denisov



To learn about the project, see the README. There will also be a short talk about it on the first day.

The main challenge at the moment is to achieve decent performance.


  • Roman Cheplyaka

Kind-polymorphic Typeable

Implement the new kind-polymorphic Typeable in GHC.


  • José Pedro Magalhães

Parser for physical units and quantities

Write a parser for the dimensional-tf package.

Current status is a parser which parses physical units to a small expression language. The parsed units are normalised to the 7 base SI dimensions.

The important part that doesn't work yet is to translate these expressions to Units and Quantities as defined by the dimensional-tf package.


  • Roel van Dijk