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Programmers love to read code. That's how we get a feel for what a language is. Here's a list of significant Haskell projects, by serious Haskell programmers, with online source. Most projects use darcs for revision control, cabal for the build system, and haddock for generating documenation. Read, learn and enjoy!

For further information on Haskell libraries and tools, look here

base, the Haskell base library

Haskell standard libraries

PolyFunViz, graph visualisation

HaskellNet, Haskell network library

Hsp.ClientSide, an ajax web lib

Alex, a lexer generator

c2hs, a C to Haskell binding generator

Crypto, a cryptography library

GHC, a Haskell compiler

gtk2hs, a gtk2 binding

Haddock, a documentation generator

Halfs, a file system for linux

Happy, a parser generator

HaskellDB, a data base library

Haskore, computer music

HList, heteoregenous haskell

OOHaskell, object-oriented Haskell

hat, a Haskell debugger/tracer

HFuse, a FUSE file system binding

hsc2hs, a preprocessor for mixing C and Haskell

HTTP, A library for client-side HTTP

HXT, Haskell XML Toolbox

nhc98, a Haskell compiler

Numeric Prelude, a numeric prelude

darcs-graph, a graph generator

darcs-mail, a darcs mailing script

Data.ByteString, high-perf strings in Haskell

Frag, a 3-d first person shooting game

hmp3, a curses-based mp3 player

hs-plugins, a dynamic linker for Haskell

Lambdabot, an irc bot

Yi, a vim-like text editor

nymphaea L-system graphics

lambdaFeed, an rss feed aggregator

Authors, add your repositories to this list!