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Darcs/patch-tag -> git/github migration

All the diagrams repos are now migrated to github, under the diagrams organization.

What still needs to be done:

  • Import issues from Google code into github. However, the github issue trackers are per-repo, so we'll have to import according to 'Component' tag (and the component tags may need to be cleaned up on google code first). fryguybob thinks maybe we can modify this to get something that will work.
  • Update any and all references to patch-tag to point to github instead. This includes:
    • The diagrams website
    • The user manual and tutorial?
    • The packages themselves (in the .cabal files)

Design notes


Miscellaneous links

  • [1]: ticket re: GHC error messages with ambiguous type variables. This comes up a lot when using diagrams, it would be nice to see this ticket resolved.