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Dutch HUG day

  • 24 April 2010
  • Ordina office, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
  • Please register! Email Sean Leather <leather@cs.uu.nl> by 20 April!


To celebrate our first anniversary, the Dutch Haskell Users Group (HUG) invites Haskell and functional programming enthusiasts in the Netherlands and surrounding area to an afternoon symposium. The Dutch HUG is an informal group with monthly meetings including talks on novel applications of Haskell and socializing in the neighborhood pub. The group was founded on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at the Haskell Hackathon hosted in Utrecht. After a successful year, we renew the trend with the Dutch HUG Day.


Please send an email to Sean Leather <leather@cs.uu.nl> by Tuesday, 20 April!

Join us for a half day of fun and functional programming! We have some great "praatjes" (the Dutch word for talks) lined up. (Just in case you were confused by my "Call for Praatjes," all talks will be in English.) Along with talks, you can join us afterwards for a buffet dinner, graciously provided by our sponsor Ordina.

The registration will allow Ordina to know how many people to expect and to satisfy their security concerns. They are also looking for recruiting options and will send attendees an email describing potential opportunities.


We are happy to announce a preliminary program. Note that the particular titles or order of talks may change, but the general schedule should remain the same.

13:00 Reception
13:30 Welcome
13:45 Lightweight Program Inversion Janis Voigtländer (University of Bonn)
14:00 Functional Programming in the Industry? Stef Joosten (Ordina, Open University of the Netherlands)
14:30 BlazeHtml: Design of a Blazingly Fast HTML Combinator Library Jasper van der Jeugt (Ghent University)
15:00 Functional Programming at typLAB Erik Hesselink (typLAB)
15:30 Break
16:00 Cλash: Haskell-ish Hardware Descriptions Matthijs Kooijman (formerly University of Twente)
16:30 Why Haskell Does Not Matter Stefan Holdermans (Vector Fabrics)
17:00 Lightweight Monadic Regions Bas van Dijk (Radboud University Nijmegen, Sensor Sense)
17:30 Sirenial: Type-safe SQL Wrapper Martijn van Steenbergen (Utrecht University)
17:40 Discussion
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Depart
19:30 Drinks at Cafe Olivier (see below)


The event will be held at the Ordina office in Niewegein, a town not far south of the city of Utrecht. You can get there by train to Utrecht Centraal and tram (the Utrecht "sneltram") to P+R Westraven.

Details on the location can be found at the following link, and we will put more information on our website soon.

After dinner, we will go to Cafe Olivier for drinks (note that this is not sponsered). Café Olivier is located next to Hoog Catherijne and close to the Central Station. Their website has a map with how to get there: http://utrecht.cafe-olivier.be/content/RouteContact


We are grateful to Ordina for allowing us to host this event on their premises. They are also kindly providing drinks during the breaks and dinner afterwards for all participants. You should come and hear from our host how they make use of functional programming.


  • Sean Leather
  • Chris Eidhof