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[ EclipseFP Homepage]
[ EclipseFP Homepage]
=== Installation ===
Follow [ these instructions].
=== Development ===
We welcome any suggestions from the community. You can find information about the development of the plug-in and how to contact the authors in the [ website].
==== Wish list ====
==== Wish list ====

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EclipseFP is an Haskell-IDE based on Eclipse.

Its goal is to provide a full-featured IDE that mimics the Eclipse JDT. Some implemented features are support for code assistance, auto-building, refactoring and structural search. The complete list of features is available here.

EclipseFP Homepage

Wish list

  • integration with WinHugs
  • ability to "fall in" definition of identifier under cursor, including multi-level ability to return back (with support for base libraries, libraries i installed and current project)
  • auto-indenting with user-tuned style