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EclipseFP is an integrated environment for development in Haskell. Our goal is to provide a full-featured IDE that mimics the Eclipse JDT (the Java IDE which is flagship of the Eclipse project). Some planned and implemented features are support for code assistance, auto-building, refactoring and structural search.

The homepage for details and download is

We welcome any suggestions from the community. You can add your feature request to the following list, if you'd like.

  • ...

Here's my own list, more or less in priorities order:

  • background compilation with errors highlighting
  • integration with WinHugs
  • syntax highlighting, including highlighting of bracket's pair
  • ability to "fall in" definition of identifier under cursor, including multi-level ability to return back (with support for base libraries, libraries i installed and current project)
  • fast access to help about identifier
  • auto-deriving of type signatures for global identifiers (adding signatures, that compiler will infer, to the source file)
  • automatic management of import lists
  • one-key inclusion/exclusion of items in module export list
  • project management based on Cabal file
  • auto-indenting with user-tuned style