Euler problems

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These are solutions to the problems listed on Project Euler.

WARNING - Do not peek at any of these pages if you want to enjoy the benefits of Project Euler, unless you have already solved the problems.

Note that these solutions are indeed entirely within the spirit of Project Euler. For those who feel otherwise, note that the FAQ on the front page of the Project Euler site says the following:

I solved it by using a search engine, does that matter?

That depends on your motivation for solving the problems. It probably means that you've missed out on some beautiful and hidden mathematics.

In any case, it is recommended that you try the problems yourself before looking at the solutions. These are great exercises for improving your Haskell-fu, and reading the solutions beforehand could spoil the experience of solving them yourself.

Any further reading is at your own risk.

As a useful reference for those wanting a simple way to test their solutions in code, Euler answers provides a fairly complete list of the numeric solutions to the problems, in the form of a Haskell list of pairs.